Custom Easter Garden Flag Ready to Press DTF Print

Custom Easter Garden Flag Ready to Press DTF Print

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Our custom Easter bunny garden flag is the perfect addition to your outdoor decor this holiday season. With its adorable bunny design and personalized family name or address, it's sure to catch the eye of all your guests. Personalize your creations with our cheerful bunny for a fun and festive touch!

This is a DTF (Direct to Film) Ready to Press image only

▶ You will need a heat press for using this transfer (An iron WILL NOT be sufficient for the image to transfer.)
▶ Image dimensions are 12"x18"
▶ Watermark will be removed

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Direct to film (DTF) transfers are the newest technology in screen printing!

One of the greatest benefits of Direct to Film transfers is they can be applied to many different kinds of fabric (cotton, polyester, blend, leather, spandex, and flex) and any color of fabric! 
▶ Please pay attention to the colors of the text and the design in relation to the color of shirt you are wanting to use. Black text will not show up on a dark color shirt.
▶ There is a white layer of ink on the back of each transfer. This allows for the transfers to be put on various colors of clothing.
▶ Each vibrant DTF graphic leaves a high-quality design on your fabric that stays vibrant wash after wash. They are similar to screen print transfers but thinner and more durable!

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Application Instructions: (Instruction Card shipped with each order)

▶ Set Heat Press at 325-350 degrees (varies by fabric)
▶ Use a cover sheet (Teflon or white butcher paper/copier paper)

▶ Press for 15-20 seconds at Medium to High Pressure

▶ Allow Transfer to COOL COMPLETELY before removing clear film.

▶ After you’ve peeled the transfer, use cover sheet and press again for 10-15 seconds.
▶ Wait 24 hours before washing or stretching


▶ DTF Prints purchased from Too Stinkin' Cute may be used in the creation of Personal or Commercial projects. There are no limitations on the number of products you are allowed to create with each graphic for Personal or Commercial use.

▶ There are NO REFUNDS on DTF Prints.